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Mary Jo had her 44th on the 21st of Oct. Happy Birhtday


Jason had his 16th on 13th of Oct. Happy Birthday


Joe Jr had his 43rd on the 3rd of Oct. Happy Birthday


Torben had his 60th on 12th of Oct.  Tillykke med fødselsdagen far.


Christine passed her 1st danish exam.


Mitchell was on vacation in Denmark seeing all the sights.


We celebrated our 1st aniversary on the 8th of August 2009.

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To the home page of Michael, Christine and Allis Christensen.  We are a very happy Viking family.


Michael and I have been married for just over 1 year now.  We were married on 08-08-08.  I'm from the United States of America and Michael is from Denmark.  We met while playing an online game called Everquest II.  We were friends for about 1yr and then Bam we fell in love (awe isn't that sickening hehe). I moved to Denmark to be with

the love of my life on July 10, 2008.  I'm have been unemployed since I arrived here in Denmark.  I'm currently in school learning the wonderful Danish language.  Michael and I travel to the U.S. every other year to spend time with my family.  Michael is gainfully employed as support engineer for Microsoft. He has worked for them for just over 2yrs now.


Allis has been apart of our family since she was a pup.  She's a miniture dachshund. She can sit, go to bed and howl.  We havn't been working very hard at training her.  She is 5 yrs old now. She is really smart and can always cheer us up when we need it.


We plan on traveling alot once I am more settled in the danish language and have a job.  We would like to travel to England, Germany, Holland, France, Ireland, Australia to just name a few. You'll be able to see more once we start traveling in our travel section.























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A little picture of me, the MAN of the house :P



This is the viking wannabe lass of the house, Christine Bishop.



This is our cute and very dangerous little guarddog Allis.




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